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November 11, 2011

Posted by Alexandra Natapoff at 09:58 AM


I started Snitching Blog in 2009. Since then, many lawyers, government officials, journalists and parents have told me that the blog has been helpful. I have therefore expanded the blog to include a new resource website with sections devoted to litigation, legislation, families & youth, and research materials. The site provides overviews of major issues, with cases, motions, and model legislation that can be downloaded. It describes all recent federal legislation pertaining to informants, with links to state legislation as well. It also lists dozens of books, articles, and reports about criminal informant use. Snitching Blog will continue; the resource website is for those who want to learn, work, or write in more depth about these issues. The address is snitching.org/resources/--the link is to the left. Please visit!

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2010 ABA Silver Gavel Award
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