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August 11, 2009

Posted by Alexandra Natapoff at 10:41 AM

Welcome to Snitching Blog

snitching = when police or prosecutors offer lenience to criminal suspects in exchange for information or cooperation
Snitching Blog is about a part of our criminal system that most people know little or nothing about: criminal informants, or snitches. At any given moment, thousands of informants are trying to work off their own criminal liability by giving information to the government. These informants may be in court, in prison, on the street, or in the workplace. Police and prosecutors often rely heavily on information obtained from snitches--especially in drug enforcement but also in white collar crime, organized crime, and terrorism investigations. In fact, it is impossible to fully understand the U.S. legal system without understanding snitching. Nevertheless, there is very little public information available about this important public policy. That's where Snitching Blog comes in.

This blog does a bunch of things. It discusses how snitching works--on paper and in reality. It provides resources to individuals, lawyers, law enforcment, and legislators--check out the links on the left. It covers current events and news stories. And it lets you share your own experiences by posting a "Testimonial"--click on the link at the right.

Please look around. Suggestions are welcome.


Very good work so far. I checked out the first few posts, and was very impressed with your research and the way you present complex information so that the less-informed can understand the depth of the problems and the moral principles involved. (My approach is usually outraged, white-hot fury, which unfortunately is not likely to convince anyone.) Good luck, and thank you for this new resource.

This looks like a very nice blog, and I'm definitely interested in the topic. Unfortunately, I don't see an RSS or ATOM feed for the blog anywhere. This would definitely help your exposure, and would definitely assist those people who want to track this topic.

If you have one and have a link somewhere, I apologize, but just can't see it anywhere.

Great blog -- I look forward to seeing future posts. Is there any chance of you enabling RSS feeds?

How about a daily email update feature? Love to be kept current.

great blog!...very needed service!..keep up the good work.

Cool site, love the info.

Excellent site, keep up the good work

Your definition of snitching is biased and limited to your agenda. The reason people "snitch" are varied.

Some people snitch (aka inform, whisleblow, rat out) because of their conscience, and because they want to do the right thing.

Snitching is a form of speech protected by the first ammendment. People have the right to speak their mind and to inform. You don't seem to understand or respect this right.

You share the same concerns and dislike of snitches as Angela Simpson, the psychopath murderer from Arizona. A snitch-related story that you've yet to discuss at this blog. No surpise.

And like Angela, your agenda is paranoid and psychopathic. You are brazenly pro-criminal.

Your anti-snitching agenda will fail .. has failed.

Kevin, thank you for your comment. I am indeed concerned about a relatively limited sort of informant: criminal offenders who receive lenience for their crimes by cooperating (see About Snitching Blog for my definition). I am concerned about their reliability, the effect on other, sometimes innocent people against whom informants give information, and the ease with which some offenders use snitching to get off the hook. I do not think this is a 'pro-criminal' position. Rather, I am concerned about whether our criminal system treats people fairly and accurately. I agree that non-criminal informants give information for all sorts of important and good reasons and that this is necessary to make our criminal system work. Thanks also for noting the Simpson case -- I'll be sure to post about it at some point.

Great site. No doubt "snitching" is intertwined with intelligence gathering. I'll be checking out this site.

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